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Simply Baked Goodness

It doesn't need to light up, blow smoke or sing to you - it's just a cake. Treats, such as cakes, cupcakes and cookies, are meant to be complimentary to your event, not the main event. If your birthday boy loves Elvis, if you want simple desserts that won't take focus off your new bundle of joy, or if you want a wedding cake that wows, let us know how we can help put the icing on your event.

Check out our Gallery for more pictures!

Made to Order

Each order is made per your request, ensuring that each baked good is as fresh as it can be. However, some design elements must be made ahead of time, so please be sure to place your order well in advance for specialty cakes.

Trust Us - It Tastes As Good As It Looks

All of our recipes are taste tested prior to serving. We won't serve it if it doesn't taste good!

Bringing Smiles

Happy, satisfied customers is our #1 goal. We aim to please in order to gain and maintain great relationships.

The Occasional Cookie

Our specialties are cakes and cupcakes. However, cookies aren't completely out of the picture. Time is of the essence when ordering - please order cookies well in advance!

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